INSG Insight

Issue No. 30, January 2019
Briefing on the Second Meeting of the Conference of the Parties to Minamata Convention on Mercury
Issue No. 29, September 2017
An Overview of World Stainless Steel Scrap Trade in 2016
Issue No. 28, September 2016
An Overview of World Stainless Steel Scrap Trade in 2015
Issue No. 27, March 2016
Stainless Steel in Food Preparation
Issue No. 26, November 2015
An overview of the nickel industry in Latin America
Issue No. 25, December 2014
Nickel – Growing Demand and Steady Supply
Issue No. 24, November 2014
Nickel in Emerging Technologies
Issue No. 23, September 2014
The Global E-bike Market
Issue No. 22, June 2014
Nickel Use Grows As Supply Surges
Issue No. 21, July 2013
All-Time High: 2012 Was a Good Year for Nickel
Issue No. 20, April 2013
Nickel-Based Super Alloys
Issue No. 19, November 2012
New IMO Regulations Impacting on Shipping Ores and Concentrates
Issue No. 18, September 2012
UN Conference on Sustainable Development – Rio +20
Issue No. 17, June 2012
A Record Harvest: Best Year Ever for Nickel Volumes
Issue No. 16, April 2012
Nickel Ore Shipments to China
Issue No. 15, November 2011
Energy and Emissions in Nickel Production
Issue No. 14, August 2011
Bouncing Back: The Nickel Market Rebounded in 2010
Issue No. 13, March 2011
Nickel Stocks in China
Issue No. 12, August 2010
The Nickel Seesaw in 2009
Issue No. 11, June 2010
Chinese Nickel Pig Iron
Issue No. 10, May 2010
Some Innovative Uses of Nickel
Issue No. 9, March 2010
Nickel Stocks
Issue No. 8, August 2009
The Ongoing Economic Crisis and Nickel
Issue No. 7, July 2009
INSG Article in Mining Journal ‘Nickel in 2008’
Issue No. 6, June 2009
United Nations Commission on Sustainable Development (UNCSD) Review of Mining
Issue No. 5, February 2009
Metals: Energy, Emissions and the Environment – Alternatives to Cap and Trade
Issue No. 4, February 2009
Current Impact of the Financial Crisis on the Nickel Industry
Issue No. 3, December 2008
The Financial Crisis: Impact on Exploration
Issue No. 2, March 2008
Metals: Energy, Emissions and the Environment
Issue No. 1, November 2007
The implications of ‘Read-Across’

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