Statistical Activities

Greater market transparency is an important goal of the Study Group through more complete, reliable and up-to-date statistics, as well as through special investigations, research and studies.

INSG endeavours to provide its Members, as well as industry and general public, with the most accurate, comprehensive and timely information on capacity, production, usage, trade, stocks, prices, technologies, research development and in other areas that may influence the supply and demand for nickel.

World Nickel Statistics Bulletin

The Group’s Monthly Statistical Bulletin is generally recognised as providing the foundation for most of the analytical work undertaken on nickel by companies around the world.

12 monthly issues focused on the latest available monthly data. A special issue (Yearbook) published once a year in November with annual data for the latest available 11-year period. (details)

World Directory of Nickel Production Facilities

The Directory is a comprehensive guide on the world nickel production facilities around the world. It contains detailed information on nickel mines, nickel smelters and refineries, new nickel industry developments (Committed Developments, Likely Project Developments, Potential Project Developments) and contact details. Summary tables for world production and capacity are also included. (details)

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